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“ Our Holiday party at BB Kings was a huge success thanks in part to your absolutely great band The Platinum Groove . To put it into words from most of the crowd, “they were awesome!” A good time was had by all.”


- Marge Evans , Director of Events , Amgen


“I’m writing to thank you for your band The Platinum Groove. They were fantastic. Our client, a mortgage insurance provider, always goes “top notch” for their annual sales conference. Year after year, we are finding it harder and harder to continue to find ways to make their sales conference unique, refreshing and an event to remember. The Platinum Groove gave us that edge this year. The sales reps were up on their feet and dancing! Just the way we like to end a conference – upbeat , enthusiastic and fun.”


-Vicki Bogner , Looking Glass Partners


“ Just wanted to say The Platinum Groove is one of the best party bands I have worked with in 20 years. Great song selection , high energy ,interactive and overall a great group of professional talented  musicians. Good job and thanks again.”


            - David Perran , Owner of The Perfect Party


“ The Platinum Groove was a home run. They did a great job. The group was easy to work with and the client loved them. Thanks.”


-Francois Gizels , Buyer for TBA Entertainment Corporation


“ The Platinum Groove smoked the Strawberry Festival. They brought the house down. You and your bands always make me look good. They were the talk of the festival among the staff at the follow up meeting the day after.”


-Chuck Heinold , Chuck Heinz Talent / Talent Buyer for California Strawberry Festival


“ Thank you so much! The Platinum Groove was wonderful at the Children’s Museum event. Great vocals! All the members were a pleasure to work with and very accommodating to the meeting planners on the spot requests. The Museum director wants to hire them for next years event as well.”


            -Kelly Hall, Owner Hall Star Speakers & Talent


“ The Platinum Groove was fabulous everyone at the wedding reception party loved the music. The group played a mix of all styles which gave all the guests a chance to dance to their favorites. A great group of artists. My Son and Daughter in Law were delighted. Thank you for everything.”


-Rosemary Tupper, Kenilworth, Illinois  


“ Thank you for making our Temple’s Anniversary celebration an event to remember. The Platinum Groove performed the music to fit perfectly. Everything from the Hora to Disco and best of all it wasn’t too loud. We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the group.”


  • Candace Prober, Director of Events Temple Beth Haverim


“The band did a great job.  They were spectacular. Very accommodating and most importantly they know what they are supposed to do and do the job with no attitudes and I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with them. They are a first class band and I look forward to using them again in the future. Thank you again.”


  • Karla Ross , Karla Ross Productions


“ Dave , let the Platinum Groove members know that they helped make Eli Broads Birthday Bash at his home last night a success. He and the guests danced and had a great time. The band sounded tight and the 50’s medley was a hit. Thanks”


  • Keith Edwards , Johnson & Edwards Entertainment


“  The  group was very well received and they did a spectacular job.  The guests at  the Vintage Country Club loved the band and have already  requested a return performance for an upcoming event.”

  • Shari Kelley , Shari Kelley Events


“ The Platinum Groove is one of the best sounding event party bands in the business. They are great for any event because they play everything. All styles of music you name it: Disco , Swing , New Wave , Big Band,. It’s like having a live jukebox on stage.  We use them all the time and I highly recommend them.”


  • Lance Sterling  , The Canyon Club Owner


“The Platinum Groove was AMAZING, they contributed so much to the
energy and vibe of the night! We got tons of compliments on them, the emcee was
great and the performance was stellar. I loved every song they played and they had
lots of people dancing.”


            - Sandy S. – Wedding Reception Client


“The Platinum Groove did a great job as they always do. Plus,  Your sound engineer was very accommodating by letting the client plug video audio into the bands sound system on the fly when his would not work.”


            - Peggy – Dial M  Entertainment


“The band was great easy to work with , no hassles followed venue procedures and above all the most important thing they sounded great and the client loved them. Summary , a catering mgrs dream come true.”


            - J. Friedman – Penninsula Hotel Events Mgr.


“My family and I saw you at the Santa Clarita Concerts In The Parks tonight. Through all of the years we've attended the concerts, you are by far the best and most entertaining band that the city of Santa Clarita has ever scheduled. Your energy was constant, your likeness to the songs you played was incredible, and your song list was capturing for all. It was remarkable how the progression of every song built on the previous song, until finally you had the entire Santa Clarita crowd up bouncing, dancing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves. From my entire family, thank you, and we truly want to see you next year.”


            - Santa Clarita Parks Regulars - The Gately and family


 “Again, thanks for everything. The band was perfect for our conference and put on a great show! “ You were right they played hit after hit like an ultimate live play list.” and letting you and Frank choose the songs was key.  The guests danced all night and  we got lots of compliments on them and the whole event. Please forward the applause on to the band members.


            - Kim – Ixia / Human Resources dept.


The Platinum Groove band was wonderful, they had us all dancing up a storm! Nancy is sending the remaining balance to you. Thank you again.


            - Birthday Party Client  -  S. Wazzan


“ The Platinum Groove put on a wonderful performance at our reception, May 3, at the
Richard Nixon Library. After the first dance, the bride said, when she heard the singer
hit that first high note in "Let's Get It On" she knew we had found a great band.
The song they learned for the father daughter dance was perfect. The MC functions,
break music, lighting, song selection and enthusiasm was very professional. Everyone
stayed to dance to the last song. Thank you for your patience and assistance. I hope
we do it again with our second daughter. Just not too soon.”
           - B. Lantz - Father of the Bride  


“Everything was   Great  ! In Vegas at the Palms last   week . The Platinum Groove was well received and our client was extremely happy. Thanks for everything!”


            - Evan Grey Sr. Producer - Extraordinary Events


“Michelle!! The wedding was absolutely amazing!! You created such a warm and beautiful ambiance and did I mention FUN!!! If I ever decide to renew my vows or get married again, I will be coming straight to you to beg you to do my wedding. And Michelle, that 12- piece Platinum Groove band was  absolutely incredible!! Keith and I have not stopped talking about them since the wedding and I think by now we have managed to tell at least half of Los Angeles about how amazing they are!!

            - Wedding Reception Brides Maid –  Stienberg  Event

K. Selig  – Productions Co. &  Guest of The Steinberg Wedding.

"The band was amazing. People are still talking about how fun Blake's Barmitzvah was. Tell the group they did an excellent job. Great interaction with the kids and parents and they sounded spectacular. I would reccomend them to anyone having a party."


            - The Padveen's / Barmitzvah


"The Platinum Groove was awesome. I am sure they will have the gig again next year too. The client loved them. Good Job ! "


            - Lori Otelsberg, Signature Entertainment


"To quote our account exec... 'Platinum Groove rocked!' I'm told the crowd loved the band and that you all were extremely cooperative and professional in every way. Please let the entire band know how much everyone liked them..."           


            - Pamela Scrape, Director of Entertainment Services Extraordinary Events


"The band did a great job. They were spectacular. Very accommodating and most importantly they know what they are supposed to do and do the job with no attitudes and I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with them. They are a first class band and I look forward to using them again in the future. Thank you again."


            - Karla Ross , Karla Ross Productions


"The Platinum Groove was a home run. They did a great job. The group was easy to work with and the client loved them. Thanks."


  • Francois Gizels , Buyer for TBA Entertainment Corporation

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