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THE PLATINUM GROOVE is one of Southern California’s veteran, premiere high-energy variety dance party bands that plays nothing but the hits. Each musician is amazing in their own right having either toured with various Nationals or done sessions with famous recording artists on the West Coast music scene for numerous years. This experience allows them to be locked in musically as a band, having done hundreds of shows together as a core unit. The Platinum Groove show is usually seen as an eight piece act featuring multiple lead singers and a few horns. On special occasions, when the stage is large enough, they are able to power boost the lineup to a stellar ten piece juggernaut ensemble by adding percussion etc. People love the show because no music fan is ever denied hearing at least a few of their favorite hits. TPG performs an endless array of arguably the most popular Platinum hits that have charted over the last 60 years. Critics have said the band is like a virtual live jukebox flipping through extensive playlists of genres that include: Rock, Soul, Pop, Dance, Oldies, Motown, Disco, New Wave, 90s’ Grunge and Current R&B Dance. Not to mention all the sub genres like Yacht, Funk and Classic Rock. In the Corporate and Festival world they have matched the designed show sets to genre specific party themes such as: Sock Hops, Woodstock, Yacht Rock Parties, Studio 54 Style Disco, New Wave Proms, Arena Rock or Popstars' concerts. They can do it all, so come get your groove on with The Platinum Groove. They will surely have you up on your feet dancing to some of your timeless favorite songs from yesterday to today. 

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