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Bands Creative Mission Statement


The band was originally created by DMHE - David Michael Hewitt Enterprises music agency more than decade ago.   I felt the special events  and wedding band agency industry needed a new consistent energetic,  talented and diverse variety dance band. My mission and goal was to create an affordable interchangeable 6-12 piece group that would be remembered and asked for by their name based on referrals from past performances. The band needed to be a stimulating music expression both sight and sound  .  I was getting frustrated with booking other agency bands and witnessing time after time the same old lackluster performers show up at jobs sent out by those agencies. Most often these put together groups of musicians were meeting for the first time at the event . They would huddle for a few minutes before downbeat introduce one another and then quickly try and choose songs they all knew as a unit. Once the bands started they would proceed by meandering and muddling their way through sets while reading lyrics or burying their faces in music stands gazing at charts.  Definitely boring and detrimental to the energy and personal touch live music should offer. The opposite of that experience is the goal of The Platinum Groove. They have earned their identity by paying their dues the old fashion way. By being consistent over time and performing together on numerous jobs as core unit team. TPG Incorporates infectious choreographed dancing and an audience interactive fun party vibe that caters to each event.  The band meticulously blazes through hit after hit songs covering over 60 years and styles of music. My formula is simple. I molded The Platinum Groove to be an action band in motion. Always in a state of what I call constant upgrade mode. Part of the formula is adding new hit songs and tweaking the sets and core line ups to accommodate the clients specific needs and requests. All while keeping the bands reputation of delivering a great performance show after show, year after year. Summary, it's my opinion that what people hear and see is far more important than what they're told or sold. Please take a few minutes and review the online promo videos and live performances. 


Producer,  David M. Hewitt / DMHE

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