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DMH Enterprises entertainment agency specializes in providing all styles of live entertainment for upscale weddings, corporate parties and unique special events across the nation. As one of Southern California's premiere music providers, we have been involved in booking countless weddings, concerts and special events over the past 20 years. DMH Enterprises works both directly and discretely with various entertainment buyers including private clients, wedding coordinators, event planners, hotel caterers and events departments. The MPG band is an exceptional 5-piece group that performs numerous styles of music ranging from the 60’s through the most current dance hits. The act consists of lead male vocalist / guitar player,  female lead vocalist / keyboards, saxophone , bass and drums. Together they deliver a great sounding performance that usually would take 7 or 8 musicians to pull off. MPG puts out a unique sound that is amazing.

The Modern Platinum Groove is an additional choice as a slightly edgier band option in the variety top 40 section. MPG is a young, energetic, talented and diverse party dance band. Perfect for any event that is looking for a fresh upbeat dance act. Don’t be fooled by their youthful appearance, this unit is experienced in providing music for every facet of a Wedding or Corporate event. Once hired, a designated MPG band Musical Director will be  involved with you or your wedding or event coordinator in the planning process of your specific entertainment needs for that special day. Our goal is to make sure your event exceptional. Please check out the short promo video footage online of the MPG band in action.

The band is very professional and easy to work with. Everyone in the band fully understands the main philosophy first and foremost is about the success of your specific event.

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